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Aiayu / LALITPUR Jumper


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LALITPUR is a new addition to our exclusive line of cashmere essentials. An exceptionally light, warm and breathable style, thanks to the grateful composition of linen and cashmere. By combining the properties of the two natural materials, we have created a unique composition that is both soft and extra durable. As a loving nod to Nepalese origins, LALITPUR comes in a cotton bag with red cavalier string, which brings hold according to Nepalese tradition.

FIT: Regular in size. We recommend that you choose your normal size.

MATERIAL: 60% cashmere & 40% linen. Our cashmere essentials blend the durability of flax with the softness of cashmere wool. Knitted in Nepal.

Cashmere products require a little more attention than products made from coarser materials. When using cashmere, small accumulations of fiber can occur on the surface. This is not a sign of poor quality, but is instead an inevitable consequence of the processing of this luxurious material, and can be removed with a cashmere comb.

Laundry is a major environmental burden and it is far from necessary to wash often. In most cases, aeration is enough to achieve a fresh scent and feel.

If you still need to wash your wool product, we recommend hand washing at 30 degrees with a high quality wool detergent. Soak the product in water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse in 30 degree lukewarm water. Avoid twisting the product and make sure it lies flat when it needs to dry.