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Aiayu / Savannah Silkebukser

Denne vare er p.t. ikke på lager og er derfor ikke tilgængelig.

SAVANNAH silk trousers are a luxurious wardrobe go-to that adds and elegant touch to any outfit. The trousers have a loose cut with straight legs, wide elastic waist and comfortable side pockets. Elegant and at the same time comfortable style with beautiful draping, which is highlighted by the exclusive silk’s natural finish.

ABOUT THE SILK: Aiayu silk is only harvested after the worms themselves have left their cocoons. It is considered the most gentle method, as the worms are in this way completely unaffected by the production. The finished product reflects the organic beauty of the silk’s origin – and we love the texture and the more natural feel.

FIT: Regular in size. We recommend that you choose your normal size.

100% Eri silk – a ‘cruelty free’ silk sourced in Assam, India, where it is gently bred and then harvested – however, only after the silkworms themselves have left their cocoons.

Silk is a delicious and delicate material that should be handled with care. Laundry is a major environmental burden and it is far from necessary to wash often. In most cases, aeration is enough to achieve a fresh scent and feel.

If you still want to wash your clothes, we recommend hand washing at 30 degrees with a high-quality silk detergent. Soak the product in water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse in 30 degree lukewarm water. Avoid twisting the product and make sure it lies flat when it needs to dry.