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BIBS Try-It Collection Baby Blue

169,00 kr.

BIBS Try-it collection is a package with 4 different types of BIBS pacifiers, so you can test which model is the right one for your baby. All babies are different and have different sucking techniques, preferences and mouth anatomy, so it may be necessary to try you out to find the perfect pacifier for your baby.

The package contains pacifiers from all four categories with both round symmetrical and anatomical pacifier heads in the materials natural rubber and silicone.

The collection contains:

Color (Size 1 – Natural rubber latex)
De Lux (Size 1 – Silicone)
Couture (Size 1 – Natural rubber latex)
Supreme (Size 1 – Silicone)
That way, you and your baby will have the opportunity to test and find your favorite BIBS pacifier.

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